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Marathon of new foreign words

, Challenge yourself
Отправлено: Dec 10 2019, 05:36
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Each day we are confronted with the new words, just we do not realize it. I suggest you that when you go out from your home, you try to name all the objects you see around in the foreign language that you currently learn. If you hesitate or do not know the word – make a picture of the object, or if it is smth you cannot take picture of (f.e. happiness, thought, etc.) write it in your mother tong somewhere down, or memorize, and when you are home, find the correct translation of the word.
Post a picture or an image of an object here, as well as the unknown word. For each picture of a new word you will get half a point. Per day you can post no more than two words.

Write two sentences(from 150 symbols and more) at max for each new word in a correct context. For each sentence you will get an extra point.

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Starting from day two you will be allowed to write more sentences using the words you have already learned during the marathon. One can write five sentences in one day in total with the words you have learned already. For each sentence with the "learned" word you will get another extra point.

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The marathon will be held from 14th till 24th of December — ten days. Please, note, that sentences should be written by yourself and make sense, otherwise in the worst-case scenario we will have to disqualify you.

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1. See an unknown word
2. Remember it, make a picture, write it down
3. Post in this topic the word with a picture-association to it
4. Write two sentences with the word
5. Write sentences to the words you have learned before (if applicable)
6. Repeat from step one till 20th of December
7. See the results, get your prize, dance jig!

You are welcome to ask questions, subscribe to the marathon newsletter!

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Каждый день мы сталкиваемся с различными новыми словами, порой даже не осознавая этого. Я предлагаю вам каждый день по дороге на учёбу, работу пытаться назвать предметы и явления, которые попадаются вам на глаза, на иностранном языке, который вы в данный момент изучаете. Если вы сомневаетесь в переводе слова, или же не знаете, как называется объект/явление на иностранном языке – выпишите себе это слово на русском, сделайте фотографию, или просто запомните. Затем, когда будете дома, найдите правильный перевод незнакомого слова на иностранный язык, соответствующий контексту.

Выложите в этой теме картинку, соответствующую этому слову – например, фотографию, которую вы сделали, или же, если это было явление, которое нельзя сфотографировать (например, смех, радость) – выберите подходящую картинку в интернете, которая ассоциировалась бы у вас с этим словом.
За каждое такое слово, сопровожденное изображением, можно получить полбалла. Всего за один день можно выложить здесь не больше двух новых слов.

За каждое предложение, составленное вами с этим новым словом дня, употреблённом в правильном контексте, вы получите ещё один балл. К каждому слову можно написать не более двух предложений, предложения должны быть длинной 160 символов.

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Начиная со второго дня вам будет разрешено писать больше предложений, используя слова, которые вы выучили в предыдущих днях. Всего в один день можно будет написать пять предложений с изученными ранее на марафоне словами.

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Марафон будет проходить с 14го по 24е декабря — десять дней.
Важно! Предложения должны быть составлены исключительно вами, иначе вас ждёт дисквалификация.

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1. Увидеть незнакомое слово
2. Запомнить его
3. Выложить в теме слово и ассоциирующуюся с ним картинку
4. Составить два предложения к незнакомому слову
5. Составить предложения к ранее выученным словам (если такие есть)
6. Повторять начиная с первого пункта каждый день, вплоть до 20го декабря включительно
7. Увидеть итоги, получить приз, радоваться

Задавайте вопросы, записывайтесь на рассылку о старте марафона!

За оформление большое спасибо Skorp

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Кол-во набранных баллов
от 105
user posted image *Yellow Label ИЛИ user posted image *Мятная помадка в форме лягушки
74.5 — 104
user posted image *Билет в Европу ИЛИ user posted image *Котёнок
40.5 — 74
user posted image ^Cup of tea ИЛИ user posted image #Набор редких ингредиентов
20 — 40
user posted image Светильник Джека

Я буду участвовать с вами тоже, на призы не претендую :girl1:


Participants' points

Participant Day one Day two Day three Day four Day five Day six Day seven Day eight Day nine Day ten Total
Кларисса Фран 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 = 7 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 121.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 115
freefly 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 = 7
1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12
Хана 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 = 7 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 = 7 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 = 7 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 9
Supreme 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 = 7 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 10.5 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 12

Отправлено: Dec 14 2019, 07:00


Day one
The marathon has officially started!
Post your new two words, pictures-associations to them and you will already get 1.5*2 = 3 points!

Use the words in four sentences (2 sentences for each word), and 4 more points are in your pocket!

Hurry up, you have 24 hours to write the new words for today!

День первый
Марафон официально открыт!
Постите свои два новых слова, картинки-ассоциации к ним, и вы уже получите 1.5*2 = 3 балла!

Напишите к каждому слову по два предложения, и ещё 4 балла у вас в кармане!

Поторопитесь, у вас 24 часа, чтобы написать новые слова для сегодняшнего дня!

Отправлено: Dec 14 2019, 21:46
skimming - нестись, едва касаясь поверхности; бегло просмотреть; считать данные с карточки в банкомате специальным девайсом чтобы украсть
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Hermione spend whole day in the library skimming through books, nothing, totally nothing could be found about Philosopher Stone, not even in the sections usually unavailable for students. I was completely ignorant about card skimming, before I encountered it - I never specified my card data in any suspicious places, so I was completely surprised seeing transactions I clearly didn't conduct.

fiddle - вертеть в руках, обманывать, совершать манипуляции
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He was sitting in the corner, fiddling with his beard, when Katherine came in and asked: "Why? What happened? I was looking for you all morning? Why you decided to leave the hotel?" She skimmed through the article, wondering what to do with these unexpected money: fiddle with stocks, buy an apartment for rent or start a small business.
Отправлено: Dec 14 2019, 23:00
drawer - выдвижной ящик
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I couldn't find my keys, though I was sure I left them in the upper drawer right next to my notebook, stationery,cup and extra sweets for extremely hideous days.
This drawer in the cupboard was completely different from others, it had strange ink paintings and old muddy stickers on it`s front panel, and looked exactly like my nightmare from childhood.

brass - латунь, медь
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Brass is a material of great importance in our common and cultural life, many musical instruments are made out of brass, and, in my humble opinion, nothing sounds better then this kind of instruments.
Goddess statue looked like it was made of gold, as it shawn in the sunlight so bright, but still, every person in this temple knew it was made from brass by a very cunning alkhemist 300 years ago.
Отправлено: Dec 14 2019, 23:25
Мой иностранный язык — немецкий, и вот первая пара слов:
за грамматику не ручаюсь

der Duschkopf — душевая лейка
Показать текст спойлера

Der Duschkopf in meinem Badezimmer ist nicht mehr sauber: viel Kalk ist drauf, ich habe im Internet gelesen, dass man es mit Essig und Soda entkaken kann, ich probiere es heute aus.
Meine Mutter hat gesagt, dass der Duschkopf im Badezimmer ist kaputt — das Wasser läuft nicht durch, wir müssen einen neuen Duschkopf in einem Baumarkt kaufen, zum Beispiel im OBI, da er nur 500 Meter entfernt ist.

die Musik(Stereo-)anlage — звуковая система, колонки
Показать текст спойлера

Ich singe im Chor, heute hatten wir ein Konzert, die Veranstalter haber für uns paar Mikrofone und eine Musikanlage organisiert — damit wurde unser Klang verstärkt.
Wusstet ihr, dass die Musikanlagen wurden erst im 1980er Jahren breitverteilt, damals waren sie so groß, dass sie auch oft als eigene dekorative Möbelstücke genutzt worden sind.
freefly, Кларисса Фран, girls you are inspiring! Well done, earned your points without doubts :yn_in_love:

Кларисса Фран, do you skim-through some literature often, or do you prefer to read each and every line thoroughly? What is that usually about?
freefly, how many objects made of brass do you have, if any? Is there anything made of brass, you would like to buy?
Отправлено: Dec 14 2019, 23:53
Слово из книги для книжного марафона. Тот момент, когда ты знаешь один вариант перевода слова - и это "морская свинка", но по контексту это слово не подходит - ну не могли американские дети держать холодное мясо морской свинки, чтобы сделать с ним бутерброды. А гугл переводчик альтернативный вариант перевода не дает.
Приходится искать рассказ в переводе на русский язык и вычитывать перевод оттуда. Так вот.
Guinea - Цесарка.
А потом еще гуглим, что такое цесарка???
Ну и ассоциация - если не с морской свинкой, то вот:
Показать текст спойлера

(1)What an insanely ridiculous Christmas Eve I Got this year! Your guinea pigs were attacking me constantly! Next time I'm going to prepare defending by getting few cats.
(2)I am not going to eat those creepy creatures called guineas. They are so aggressive. All the time picking my feet thinking I'm their supper, and you want me to slaughter these guys.

ragged - рваный, оборванный
Показать текст спойлера

(1)Hey, Mark, thanks so much for getting ragged my favorite wool sweater. Now I got number one ugly sweater at our New Year party. Remember, my new outfit is on you.
(2)The last fight changed him not only emotionally, but physically too. After he came back home from the battle, it was hard to look at him - his face got all ragged.
Отправлено: Dec 15 2019, 07:02


Day two
Great start ladies, and here is already the second day of our marathon!

Starting from today you can write sentences with the words that you have learned earlier in the marathon (limited do 5 sentences).
Please, keep in mind that the length of one sentence should be 160 symbols and more!
:crazy_jump: :crazy_jump:

I must admit, writing such long sentences for me is hard, at the same time I find it great that we challenge not only our memory here, but also imagination!
День второй
Отличный старт, девушки, и вот уже второй день нашего марафона!

Начиная с этого дня, вы можете дополнительно писать предложения с, выучеными ранее в рамках марафона, словами (не больше 5 предложений).
Пожалуйста, помните, что длинна составленных вами предложений должна быть 160 символов и выше.
:crazy_jump: :crazy_jump:
Должна признаться, что писать такие длинные предложения мне сложно, в то же время, очень круто что мы бросаем вызов не только нашей памяти, но и воображению!

Отправлено: Dec 15 2019, 16:35
Die Kufe — лезвие конька в фигурном катании, также может использоваться в значении "полозья".
Показать текст спойлера

Wenn man Schlittschuhen kaufen moechte, soll man auf unterschiedliche Sachen aufpassen, z.b. die Kufe — fuer Spruenge und Pirouetten braucht man eine stabile und scharfe Kufe.
Die Kufe, die nicht scharf genug ist — naehmlich stumpf, kann unbequem wirken, vor allem bei den Spruengen, es besteht ein Gefahr, dass den Schlittschuh einfach zur Seite rutscht, weil die Kanten von der Kufe nicht guten Griff haben.

schleifen — точить (нашла применение только для лезвий коньков, для ножей используется другой глагол — schaerfen)
Показать текст спойлера

Die Kufen meiner Schlittschuhen sind nicht scharf genug, ich muss sie unbedingt noch heute Abend schleifen lassen, weil morgen wir eine Generalprobe von unserem "Weihnachtskonzert auf Eis" haben.
Ich schleife meine Schlittschuhe nie selber: es ist eine praezise Arbeit, man muss genau wissen, wie gross das Radius des Schliffes sein soll, vor allem braucht man auch eine spezielle Ausruestung dafuer.

К сожалению, форум не распознает умлауты и букву Eszett, поэтому заменила их на ae, ue, oe и ss соответственно.
И, дополнительные предложения с выученными ранее словами:
1. Der Duschkopf in meiner Dusche benutze ich ab und zu als Mikrofon: wenn ich bade, anfange ich an zu singen, und halte den Duschkopf vor meinem Mund, und stelle vor, dass ich ein Superstart bin. Wie toll!
2. Die Musikanlagen sind derzeit nicht mehr so beliebt, wie in 2000er — heute benutzen meistens die Leute Kopfhoerer, da sie ein besseren Klang gewaehrleisten und auch tragbar sind.
3. Ein Freund von mir hat sich immer eine alte Stereoanlage als Geburtstagsgeschenk gewuenscht, na gut, heute war ich auf einem Flohmarkt in Stuttgart, und habe fuer ihm eine Stereoanlage aus den 80er gekauft, er wird sich bestimmt freuen!
4. In Deutschland gibt es eine witzige Tradition — etwas aunliches wie "Secret Santa" im USA, heisst "Schrottwichteln". Beim Schrottwichteln schenkt man irgendein Schrott an den Freunden, letztes Jahr habe ich als geschenk einen Duschkopf bekommen, das war voll lustig!
5. Als ich kind war, hatten wir in der Wohnung eine grosse Musikanlage, ich habe tagelang die Kasseten von Alla Pugatschova und Laima Vaikule drauf gespielt, dabei getantzt und mitgesungen.
Отправлено: Dec 15 2019, 19:29
Цитата (Supreme @ Dec 14 2019, 23:25)
Кларисса Фран, do you skim-through some literature often, or do you prefer to read each and every line thoroughly? What is that usually about?

I usually skim-through stuff I don't really enjoy, but I usually read throughfully stuff I really love. And you?

hillock - маленький холмик
Показать текст спойлера

Alice climbed down the small hillock, wandering where those strange sounds came from: little bird was singing on a branch of a tree, looking back at Alice curiously.
Dan looked in the window: small hillocks were covered with snow, nothing was visible, except for white plains of nothing - "Maybe I should go out and make a snowman?"

chute - желоб, мусоропровод
Показать текст спойлера

Clare slided down the water chute, she stopped seing anything cause water was all around her, neither she did know where the top or bottom was, but eventually water calmed down and Clare looked around.
Renee was so lazy, she couldn't even make herself stand up from the coach: 'No. I must clean up, this is the last day of the vacation' - Ren thought to herself, gathering the trash and sending it down the trash chute.

Extra sentences:
1. Iry was sitting on a bench, fiddling with her hair - she has nothing to do she could think of, days were passing by, but postbox was always empty, is it possible the parcel was lost or stolen, why it still hasn't arrived?
2. Iris skimmed through newspaper again and again: something was not quite right: Penny disappeared on Tuesday, but here is she on Wednesday meeting presenting her new invention - why no one seen her or reported to the police?
3. Jenny was very happy with how things turn up in the last year of her life: first she couldn't even afford a pancake and now, after some fiddling with taxes she can sit near the sea and enjoy her cocktail - life looks too simple this way.
4. Rick skimmed through the hallway, searching for Zyra, but he couldn't find any traces of her: the house was empty, not just empty, basically looked like no one visited it for monthes if not for years.
5. Kathy was sitting on the coach under the cozy blanket, read a book and fiddled with a tea bag in her cup - this was the best winter day she could imagine, even though the weather outside was really awful.
Отправлено: Dec 15 2019, 20:52
Цитата (Кларисса Фран @ Dec 15 2019, 19:29)
I usually skim-through stuff I don't really enjoy, but I usually read throughfully stuff I really love. And you?

To be honest, I do to. Especially when it is a description of a landscape or philosophical thoughts, do not have enough patience to follow the thought :))
Отправлено: Dec 16 2019, 06:05


Day three
Ladies, do not give up so easily, let's continue :hey:
Today you also can write two new words and five sentences with old words of your choice.

Try to name objects from your household — it is both useful and easy to do, and I am pretty sure if you go down to details,
you will definitely find objects, which translations you do not now!

P.S. You still have one hour to write words of the second day
День третий
Девушки, не сдавайтесь так просто, давайте продолжать :hey:
Сегодня вы тоже можете запостить два новых слова и пять предложений ранее выучеными словами, на ваш выбор.

Попытайтесь назвать предметы в вашем доме — это полезно и легко, и я уверена, что если вы попытаетесь назвать прям каждое-каждое слово,
наверняка найдёте предметы, перевод которых вы не знаете!

П.С. У вас всё ещё есть один час, чтобы написать слова для второго дня

Отправлено: Dec 16 2019, 06:06
feverishly - лихорадочно
Показать текст спойлера

(1)She feverishly mumbled prayers that could no longer save her. The Holy Father looked sadly in her eyes, and laid his hand on her forehead. After a couple of minutes, she stopped muttering.
(2)Michael was dancing very interestingly. It can be said feverishly. With convulsions and seizures - everything is as it should be for a real techno-dance dancer. Or a street dancer. Or an African dancer. Or just for a person who doesn't know how to dance.

seduce - соблазнить
Показать текст спойлера

(1)I know that you all watched only Twilight. But in Woody Allen's Cafй Society Kristen Stewart literally seduced me. Yes, I'm glad that she is not dating Robert Pattinson anymore, but she is still taken and that makes me feel depressed.
(2)Ok, maybe I just need a girlfriend, but Natasha Lyonne seduced me too. I don't care that she is forty! She looks younger, and most important - she got a young spirit (probably. Never met her).


Засчитано во второй день :) а где же пять предложений с уже выученными словами? :))

Отправлено: Dec 16 2019, 06:07
Marathon of new foreign words (post #4921412)
это на второй день, если что. ты на час раньше третий запостила:)
Отправлено: Dec 16 2019, 12:59
freefly, how many objects made of brass do you have, if any? Is there anything made of brass, you would like to buy?

No brass at all) I had guitar strings made of copper. That`s all)

waggish - забавный, озорной, комичный, шаловливый (забавно, что может переводиться как вялый также, но в исходном переводе гуглпереводчика в основном это веселый, забавный и так далее)

user posted image

Red dog named Sally was so waggish, that Ann couldn`t stop playing with it for many hours, and when evening came Ann was surprised, as it felt like she played with Sally for barely half an hour.
When he started his stand-up performance, suddenly he felt so happy, energetic, starry and waggish, that it almost destroyed his acting, which could make this performance the last one.

sullen -угрюмый, мрачный, замкнутый, зловещий, сердитый, гнетущий

user posted image

Tragetlane town was totally covered with rain clouds and fog, and though it was green and surrounded by lively forests, it could make any person turn sullen with it`s view in no time.
He always looks so sullen and unpleasant that you won`t find a single neighbor from the whole street who would even know his name, which makes this situation much worse.

Aaand 5 more sentences.

This was not a usual material for a ritual cup, reddish shiny metal kept his attention, and as he was mumbling something, one could hear words "fusion", "ferromagnet" and "brass".
Nothing is comparable to this high and clear, pure sound of good old brass trumpet,when it cuts the silence in that very moment you`re all alone and as free as you might be.
Everything was about to become the last straw: bad breakfast, an annoying neighbors` quarrel, broken dishwasher, deadly slow laptop work, dreadful sound of fridge, and even commode drawer, that refused to close.
Here, in this drawer all her treasures were kept: a stone with a drop of amber, Lily once gave her, her paintings, magnet from Italia, gift from Tommy, her schoolmate, birthday cards and several candies.
All the drawers were filled with different sort of trash, and it was clear this trash was collected and kept here for years, so she refused to buy any kind of furniture from Letsers house the very moment she imagined herself clearing this commode out.
Отправлено: Dec 16 2019, 20:24
Хана, freefly, :runing: girls, I am inspired by you! Thank you for taking part in the marathon with me and giving me extra motivation for my portion of words.

freefly, I really like that you used the idiom "last straw" in your sentence :))
Хана, wow, "seduce" in which situation did you need the word?
stricken – вязать
Показать текст спойлера
1. Als ich Kind war, hatten wir in der Schule ein Fach, wo man unterschiedliche nuetzliche Taetigkeiten fuer Haushalt lernen sollte, außerdem, muessten wir auch stricken lernen, was bei mir nicht richtig klappte.
2. Immer wenn ich eine Hausaufgabe bekommen habe, etwas fuer den naechsten Unterricht zu stricken, kaufte ich ein Wollknaeuel und brachte es zu meiner Oma – sie hat mir beim Stricken geholfen.

die Faeustlinge – варежки
Показать текст спойлера

1. Wenn ich zwischen Faeustlinge und Handschuhe waehlen soll, dann nehme ich mir lieber die Faeustlinge – sie wirken viel waermer an, besonders weil die Finger sich an einander reiben.
2. Heute war ich auf den Weihnachtsmarkt, und dort habe ich solche Faeustlinge gesehen, die eine kleine Tasche hatten, die könnte man öffnen und somit würden die Fingerspitzen von Faeustlinge befreit.

1. Die professionellen Schlittschuhe haben eine verstellbare Kufe – wenn sie kaput geht, kann man locker die Kufe bei dem Schlittschuhmeister ersetzen. Das kostet zwar Geld, ist aber trotzdem billiger, als neue Schlittschuhe kaufen.
2. Mein Vater ist ein erfahrene Schlittschuhlaeufer, er laesst seine Schlittschuhe nur bei den besten Meistern schleifen, weil er weiß, dass der gute Schliff garantiert Sicherheit und stabilitaet auf dem Eis.
3. Die Musikanlage in dem Fitnessstudio, wo ich zwei Mal die Woche traeniere funktioniert wieder nicht, gestern hat mein Trainer für mich gesungen, dass ich mich nicht allzu belangweilend fuehlte.
4. Morgen müssen wir unterschiedliche Moebel fuer das Badezimmer kaufen: eine Badewanne, eine Toilette, einen Waschbecken, einen Spiegelschrank und, natürlich einen Duschkopf mit Wasserhaene.
5. Die Kufen fuer die Schlittschuhe sind meistens aus Eisen gemacht, weil das Silber und Gold sind zu weichen Metallen – vom Koerpergewicht und Belastung waehrend den Spruenge werden sie sich biegen.
Отправлено: Dec 16 2019, 21:10
The best source of English words for me are Warhammer rulebooks. Really - most complicated English I've ever seen. And where do your English words come from?

reclusion - состояние отшельничества, затворничества, заключения
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Alyssa lived in reclusion at the top of the cliff, the only people she saw from time to time were hiking tourists in the summer, she spent all of her time collecting herbs and classsifying them.
(2) Randy spent his last month in complete reclusion, no one seen him coming in or out of his house, he dedicated all this time for studying, he has only 1 month left before his entrance exams.

provenance - происхождение, источник
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(1) The painting clearly had Russian provenance, even its frame had distinctive peculiar corners, Clare haven't noticed anything suspicious about it, but it would take time to inspect it throughfully.
(2) Considering this coin's condition and provenance I can't decrease the price - said the old bearded man in antiques shop - this is my final price, or it can wait for its new owner a little longer.

(1) Anna lied a lot, by a lot I mean she was more often lying, than telling truth - and today she lied about sitting and studying, but enjoyed perfect weather and was wandering nearby hillocks with her dog all the day.
(2) Yaaay! - yelled Iren sliding down the water chute - it was her first time in aqua park and it was going perfectly, she was enjoying herself and was really happy.
(3) Diane skimmed through her notes again - no, nothing like this was on the lectures, she was sure about of it - but what did this question come from - did she need to look for answers somewhere else?
(4) Melissa was thinking about what to do with Dave's proposal - and when she was thinking she was fiddling with her hair as usual - was he lying to her, did he have some hidden agenda?
(5) Rena skimmed through the mail - so much work to do, she always hated first work days after vacation - she looked at the clock - maybe this is already lunch time?
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Day four
My fair ladies, we are coming pretty energetically to the middle of the marathon!
:crazy_jump: :crazy_jump: :crazy_jump: :crazy_jump:
It is a fourth day already, and two more words are waiting to be learned and practices.

Today as well you can (and I encourage you!) write five sentences with previously learned words.
By the way, which online-dictionaries do you use during the marathon, if any?

I personally always look up to the https://context.reverso.net/translation/ . Especially I enjoy the "context" section,
which allows me to understand in which situations I should use a new word.

P.S. You still have one hour to write words of the third day
День четвертый
Мои прекрасные девчонки, мы весьма энергично приближаемся к средине марафона!
:crazy_jump: :crazy_jump: :crazy_jump: :crazy_jump:
Уже четвёртый день марафона, и сегодня вы тоже можете запостить два новых слова и пять предложений ранее выучеными словами, на ваш выбор.
Кстати, какими онлайн-словарями вы пользуетесь во время марафона?

Лично я всегда сверяюсь с https://context.reverso.net/translation/, особенно мне нравится секция "контекст",
благодаря которой я могу понять в каких ситуациях нужно использовать новое слово.

П.С. У вас всё ещё есть один час, чтобы написать слова для третьего дня

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Цитата (Кларисса Фран @ Dec 16 2019, 21:10)
And where do your English words come from?

I admit, mostly from the books — either fantasy or science fiction, also now I am reading "Five little pigs" of Agatha Christie, and she throws in quite often poetic epithets, which I usually do not know.

Кларисса Фран I wonder, why for "provenance" you picked a book with Shakespeare? %)
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stratified - расслаивается, ну или в контексте моего предложения, стратифицированная , и мне сейчас еще нужно гуглить что это значит на русском языке.
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(1)I got a test in my American Politics class. One of the questions asked to explain what is a stratified "quota". Now I need to figure out not only the translation, but also what does it even mean in Russian.
(2)My life is stratified into pieces in all areas. Just like the walls in my apartment due to lack of repair for the past 75 years. In general, I learned a clever thing - no apartment - no problems (with apartment).

piercing - не только пирсинг, но и пронзительный
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(1)A piercing scream came from the woods. We got really scared. But Vladimir controlled himself - he immediately ran into the hut and grabbed the gun. When he сame back, it was already quiet out in the woods.
(2)This boy, sitting and piercing needles of all kinds, looked excited. I have heard that he could professionally pierce not only handicraft stuff, but human flesh too. Tattoos and gangster wounds - this was his main source of income.

Это все к прошлому 3 дню:>
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meditative - задумчивый, созерцательный
user posted image
He has been so meditative whole day long, that Constance started to show her impatiance and disturbance, on the verge of being ready to call doctor Crackson.
Big Adam`s peak, sunrise : that`s what I imagine, if I need to relax and stay calm in any situation, it gives me strength to be meditative in the middle of any kind of khaos.

fanciful - причудливый, фантастический, прихотливый, капризный, странный, мечтательный
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Her mind was quite fanciful, she seems to live in her own weird world, not disturbed by real one. One could say, it`s absolutely normal for such a creative person.
This melody was unlike anything they`ve ever heard, it was pleasant, but strange, fanciful and bizarre, looked like the world gone mad, and this melody was the main reason.

Five more sentences:

1.It was definitely not a usual drawer, it had distorted space inside, much larger then it should be (judging from the whole commode size and a simple fact all his things fitted easily), and Harry was sure, he heard it mumbled some filthy words while closing.
2."Who would use such kind of material for this purpose? You`re kidding me, right? Brass? For wires? Have you totally lost your mind? Why in the world did you think it was a good idea? It`s not even in the list, so what made you deside it`s a good idea to make an experiment?"
3.All the tourists were excited, talkative, waggish, taking hundreds of photos each five steps, which almost infuriated the guide. He was in hurry, because the weather deteriorated rapidly, which resulted in risks to stay there for night.
4.His sullen face and constant sadness made people avoid him each time he tried to talk about his troubles, relatives, illnesses and so on and so forth. He considered himself the most offended by all people, life and destiny, and liked to talk about it for hours.
5.Brass pipes looked like they were centuries old, but, obviously, they were not. Something or someone made it covered with dirt, limescale on purpose. Some pipes were mechanically damaged, and there was no doubt all the system must be changed.
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Platt – измотан, изнурен
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Dieses Wochenende war ich mit einer Freundin von mir bouldern, wir haben eine sehr komplexe Strecke genommen, und ich bin schon nach dem dritten Zug platt gewesen.
Man kann koerperlich aber auch mental platt sein: als ich nach Deutschland umgezogen bin, musste ich jeden Tag entweder Deutsch oder Englisch sprechen, das war viel Aufwand fuer mich.

Raspeln – измельчать, крошить, натирать
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Fгуr den beruehmten russischen Salat „Olivje“, den man immer zum Neues Jahr macht, braucht man viel Gemuese zu raspeln: gekochte Kartoffeln, Moehren, salzige Gurken, gekochte Eier und auch Erbsen. Wer moechte, kann auch Wurst dazu schneiden.
Heute raspele ich alles mit meiner Küchenmaschine: das ist schnell, praktisch, dauert ganz wenig Zeit und ist auch sicher, dass man sich keine Finger anstatt Lebensmittel schneidet.

1. Eine Freundin von mir mag sehr von Hand gemachte Produkte, sie hat sich zuletzt entschieden, stricken zu lernen, dass sie fuer sich selbst und ihre Familie verschiedene Kleidung machen kann.
2. Ich wuerde mir gerne Faeustlinge nach meinem Design stricken lassen, somit kann ich sicherstellen, dass sie Farbe der Faeustligen meine Mütze passt, und dass sie auch warm genug und bequem sind.
3. Auf dem Duschkopf in meinem Badezimmer sammelt sich viel Schimmel und Kalk, ich weiß nicht, woran es liegt, ich habe schon zwei Mal den Duschkopf mit Essig und Zitronensaeure geputzt, der Schimmel ist leider nicht weg.
4. Ich habe schon vier Jahre lang meine Schlittschuhe nicht geschliffen – von da her, gleiten sie nicht so ganz reibungslos auf dem Eis, und meine Stabilitaet nimmt ab, das kann auch Gefaehrlich sein, ich muss dringen meine Schlittschuhe pflegen lassen.
5. Ich arbeite bei dem Mediamarkt, heute haben wir sechs neue Modellen von Musikanlagen bekommen, bevor wir sie verkaufen duerfen, muessen wir sie erst selber testen. Das bedeutet, dass heute soll ich mindestens drei stunden lang Musik von den Musikanlagen hoeren und berichten, wie es sich anfuehlt.
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Цитата (Supreme @ Dec 17 2019, 05:50)
Кларисса Фран I wonder, why for "provenance" you picked a book with Shakespeare? %)

No hidden agenda, just found it under "ancient book" or something like this in google :).

ravine - овраг, ущелье, ложбина
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(1) Dan walked down the small ravine, this was the only one place where glowing herb Arbaticus grew - his little secret - this herb can be sold for a good money, until someone find out where it comes from.
(2) Clare was lost, she couldn't imagine how she would get out of this ravine, everything around her looked like forest, totally same forest as behind or in front of her, no road or any visible signs of a road.

nigh - почти, близко, рядом, поблизости
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(1) Iris was walking down the tunnel, look like she was totally completely lost, her candle died out and she walked slowly down the corridor - after she turned right she saw the glowing sign: "The end is nigh".
(2) Ary was trying to do something that was nigh impossible - to finish her project of the year in one night - not that noone did that before though, her brother usually studies this way too.

(1) Arty investigated the painting carefully - he was completely sure in its provenance, but he needed to check - he looked at the back corner, where he expected to see a signature, but found only a blank piece of paper.
(2) Tara didn't want to see any humans anymore, or orks, or anyone - she left the city and lived in reclusion in the forest - until weird crack of the door made her shudder - who could possibly find her here?
(3) Lisa woke up, ate her breakfast and closed the door of her flat - old corridor looked totally abandoned, old trash chute was broken a year ago and looked like a mouth of sleepy dragon - Lisa smiled and ran to catch her bus.
(4) Kirena found a new road, beautiful, across hillocks and a river - this will be my new journey - decided Kirena, driving her car forward, maybe this time it will end up better thanmy previous one.
(5) Helen fiddled with her beautiful hair - today she was looking magnificent, this was her day - she must be perfect, Helena opened the cupboard and found her dress - this one perfect dress for perfect days, but this time it was full of cat fur, old fat Renny yawned at her.

A bonus word in Polish:
Śmierciożercy - Пожиратели Смерти
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acquire - приобретать
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(1)Finally, at the end of my days, I was able to acquire Tesla. I am no longer able to drive a car - and Tesla will drive me by itself. I always suspected that Elon Musk was working for his elderly time.
(2)The most valuable thing that can be acquired in your life (besides Tesla) is knowledge. If you acquire the necessary knowledge, then you will realize that Tesla is garbage and you can go fine with Lexus.

grove - лесок, роща
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(1)I just got out for a walk in nature and got lost in the grove. The phone didn't have service, and it was scary to call for help - I was afraid of wild boars and bears living around. So that's how I settled in the forest.
(2)The grove is probably the most beautiful part of the forest. Particularly I love birch groves. It is unfortunate that some people do not care about birch trees after they collect juice from them.

(-)I was shaking feverishly with anger again . People give birth to children without thinking about the consequences. They never think that children need to get food, money and education.
(-)They say that if you make one tattoo, then you keep making more and more tattoos. I am just curious in whether this rule applies to piercing. So far I got only three extra holes in my body.
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Day five
Wow, girls, we are passing the halfway mark of our marathon!

High five to all of you! Interesting fact: learning of foreign languages enhances ability to multitask, cause switching from one language system to another is a very demanding work for brain.
Thus, if you do it regularly, like we do, you train your brain for the multitasking (instant switch of context), as well.

What are other benefits of learning new languages, what do you think?

Another day today for learning two more words and writing sentences. P.S. You still have one hour to write words of the third day

День пятый
Вау, девочки, мы проходим экватор нашего марафона!

Дайте пять все! Интересный факт: изучение иностранных языков улучшает способность к многозадачности, поскольку переход с одной языковой системы на другую —
очень затратная работа для мозга. И если вы занимаетесь этим регулярно, как мы на марафоне, вы готовите свой мозг и к многозадачности (мгновенному переключению контекстов) в том числе.

Какие ещё есть плюсы в изучении иностранного языка, как вы думаете?

Ещё один день чтобы выучить два новых слова, и написать предложения.

П.С. У вас всё ещё есть один час, чтобы написать слова для четвертого дня

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jemandem (Dat.) davonlaufen — убегать от кого-то
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Heute habe ich ein Diebstahl gesehen: ein Mann hat die Tasche einer Dame geklaut, und als sie es bemerkt habe, dass die Tasche nicht mehr da ist, ist er schon ihr davongelaufen.
„Du kannst nicht immer Jessica davonlaufen“ – sagte Mark. – „Irgendwann muss du ihr sagen, dass du sie nicht mehr liebst, und das Zukunft zwischen euch eher unmöglich ist.“

1. Das teuerste Hotelnummer der Welt ist aus Gold gemacht, das ganze Interieur hat die goldene Farbe, auch im Badezimmer. Das Bad ist vom weißen Marmor gemacht, den Wasserhahn und den Duschkopf – von vergoldetem Kupfer.
2. Megan hat nicht genug Geld um ein Weihnachtsgeschenk ihrer Mutter zu kaufen, das ist aber nicht so schlimm, weil sie sehr gut strickt. Neue Schal und passende Socken werden schon ein gutes Geschenk sein, vor allem in der Winterzeit, wenn alles so kalt und düster ist.
3. Die Fäustlinge, die wir jetzt als Handschuhe mit gemeinsamem Raum für alle Finger außer Daumen kennen, kommen ursprünglich aus Finnland, oder Waräger. Die Leute kämen aus dem kalten Land und brachten warme Kleidung mit.
4. Ich muss zugeben, manchmal finde ich, dass die Sätze mit unbekannten Worten zu schreiben – ist schon eine Aufgabe, die einer platt machen kann. Aber, wenn man nur anfängt – geht es irgendwie locker weiter.
5. Mein Lieblings Salat heißt „Bürste“, das Rezept ist sehr einfach, und vor allem dieses Salat hilft mir meinen Pickeln weg zu kriegen. Mann nimmt frische Möhren, Äpfel und rote Beete – raspelt alles ganz fein, mischt zusammen and Voilà – ist das Gericht fertig.

By the way, so funny, today in the Mensa we had guineas :D that where the marathon comes in hand. I immediately remembered about the word that Хана posted, and new what to expect for lunch. Also, a few days ago the word "fanciful" from freefly appeared in the book I am currently reading. So useful!
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lycanthrope - оборотень
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(1) Normal lycanthrope can change its shape from human to an animal, for example a werewolf, its shapeshifting is not volunturely and happens each night when the moon is full.
(2) Why you can't meet people who've seen a lycanthrope - this is an easy question - most of them were eaten and those of them who wasn't won't tell anything because no one would believe them.

elaborate - сложный/продуманный
Показать текст спойлера

(1) He didn't have any time to come up with an elaborate plan - to be fair he didn't have time to come up with any plan either, he could only swim forward and try not to lose himself in the water of Temsa.
(2) To come up with elaborate strategy for this game one must spend a lot of time and efforts, while this game looks easy to start it is really hard to master it and reach competitive level.

(1) She felt that her time to leave this house drew nigh, she didn't want to - it's true - but this was the right way to do, everyone had their own business to work on, no one had time to help her.
(2) In the deep ravines of Yriele lies the town of Murlocs - they live there for centuries hunting down their simple food and living their simple life, you can try to visit them, adventurer, but don't expect them to be friendly.
(3) I'm searching for provenance of this manuscript for 10 years and still - no signs of progress - all natural languages, even most ancient ones are different from this script, however it maintain all properties of the natural language - no one in the Middle Ages could fake it this way.
(4) I must leave to my reclusion and think what to do with my life, do I really need my life after all those unfortunate events happened to me - why do I need it, what I want to accomplish in this world
(5) Water chutes were running down and crossing each other like snakes, no clouds were seen on the blue sky, this was a perfect day in the aquapark - Lena yawned and licked her icecream bar, this was too boring.

Why my day 4 is missing? :( Thank you for pointing out!
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Day six
A new day has come and this means that there are two words to be learnt.

What should it be? New words from your books, or maybe you have heard an unknown word from your colleague,
or a friend? Write them down, practice, use and become fluent in English!

День шестой
Пришел новый день, а это значит что можно выучить ещё два новых слова.

Что это будут за слова? Из книги, или же вы услышали незнакомое слово от коллеги, а может быть — друга?
Запишите их, используйте в предложении и улучшайте свой уровень английского!

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Die Angehörigen – родные, близкие, родственники
Показать текст спойлера

Ich habe große Familie und wir wohnen auch weit voneinander. Meine Eltern sind 2000 km entfernt und wohnen in der Ukraine. Trotzdem stört es uns nicht uns als Angehörigen zu fühlen.

Kleine Karla hat im 1942 alle ihre Angehörigen im zweiten Weltkrieg verloren, viele sind auf dem Front gestorben, ihre Großeltern aber im Konzentrationslager vergiftet.

Der Schornstein – дымоход
Показать текст спойлера

In machen Ländern sagen die Erwachsene, dass der Weihnachtsmann zu den guten Kindern über den Schornstein kommt. Um diesen Märschen zu unterstützen legen sie neben dem
Weihnachtsbaum ein bisschen schmutzige, im Ruß, Geschenke.

Der Schornstein hat fast jedes Haus, der bis 1950 gebaut wurde, damals hatte jede Familie ein eigenes Haus, und sollte sich selber sie Heizung besorgen. Das einfachste weg das Haus zu heizen – war holz zu brennen, und um Brennstoffe weg von dem Haus kriegen, haben die Leute Schornstein benutzt.

1. “Bist du ihr davongelaufen?” – fragte mich mein Kollege, wenn ich ihm erzählt hat, das heute Morgen auf der Wand habe ich eine riesige Spinne entdeckt, sie hat mich sehr erschrocken.
2. Was ich nicht mag – ist Zwiebeln zu raspeln. Immer wenn ich sie schneide, anfange ich zu weinen und so stark, dass die Träne laufen so lang, bis ich aufhöre. Ich habe gehört, dass man sich darauf gewöhnen kann, glaube aber nicht dass ich es schaffe.
3. Adriana hat gestern fast die ganze Wohnung geputzt – Badezimmer, Kühe, Flur, zwei Toiletten und ein Schlafzimmer. Das Wohnzimmer ist noch geblieben, aber sie war so platt, dass kaum Geschirr spülen könnte.
4. Stricken hat Bennet erstmal gelernt, als er zehn war. Seine Oma hat immer vor dem Fernseher gestrickten und er wollte sie nachfolgen. Er nahm sich Wolle und Stricknadeln und hat gelernt wie man ein Schaal strickt.
5. Die Kunstlauftanzerin hat auf den Olympischen Spiele einen sehr komplizierten Sprung gemacht, und dann sehr erfolgreich auf der Kufe gelandet, alle Zuschauer haben sie recht lang applaudiert.

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glean - почерпнуть, собрать по мелочам
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Melissa yawned and put away the book - she has spent 3 hours today trying to find how to gather an orb from fire, yet she failed to glean this knowledge from the disrupted knwoledge of elements.
(2) Maria spent most of her daily life gleaning grain on the field, sometimes she travelled to city to sell or buy something, but those were the only adventures in her life.

salvation - спасение
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Arian looked around, she haven't seen any orks or goblins anymore - everything looked quiet and peaceful, just a plain forest where nothing can happen - the salvation came with a price though - she didn't see any of her loot or money either.
(2) Liz prayed - she didn't pray for salvation any more, this was useless and she did know that - she prayed so that other people stop asking her question and bother her thoughts.

(1) Viren stretched his legs and sat in the middle of the cage - great, now he had a lot of time to come up with elaborate plan how to save himself, goblins are not exactly fast thinkers, so it will take a few days for them to figure out how to cook him.
(2) Keira silently hided behind the tree, she didn't like anything in her positon or her situation, she needed to head back home, but who can she ask for directions, not local lycanthropes, right?
(3) Clare called a cat - the cat drew nigh, but looked around nervously - "Hey, here is your food, I won't do anything bad to you, don't be scared!" - said Clare, but cat didn't believe her and ran away.
(4) Wendy searched for her scarf everywhere: in the kitchen, in the bedroom, under the cat place, in the sink, under the carpet, behind the window, around nearby hillocks - but she couldn't find it - probably she has lost it in deep ravines of Arvenwood while searching for herbs.
(5) Dixi was sure in the provenance of her manuscripts, yet none of them could help her - ancient spell was probably lost among those books burned by clerics last year and it was impossible now to recover it.
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Day seven
It is been a week since we have started the marathon — quite an accomplishment,
for learning languages requires extra concentration and some time to switch your mind.
Participating in the marathon makes you study periodically, which is a great approach. You all have heard that
it is better to study even 10 minutes, but every day, than 2 hours but only once in a week.
That is exactly why our marathon is so useful!

Хана, freefly, come back on track, we miss you <3
P.S. You still have one hour to write words of the sixth day
Day седьмой
Уже прошла неделя со старта марафона — это достижение, поскольку изучение иностранных языков требует
дополнительной концентрации и некоторое время, чтобы переключить своё сознание. Участвуя в марафоне, вы учитесь периодично — а это прекрасный подход.
Все вы слышали, что лучше учиться даже 10 минут в день, чем раз в неделю, но целых дв часа. И это как раз то, почему наш марафон так полезен!

Хана, freefly, возвращайтесь, мы по вам скучаем <3
П.С. У вас всё ещё есть один час, чтобы написать слова для шестого дня

Кларисса Фран, I really enjoy reading your sentences — so neat written, like from books.
Отправлено: Dec 20 2019, 21:27
Das Bettlaken – простынь
Показать текст спойлера

Ich mag es nicht meine Wäsche zu waschen, vor allem – das Bettlaken. Die sind groß, nehmen zu viel Platz in der Waschmaschine und, vor allem trocknen auch viel länger als die Kleidung oder Unterwäsche.
Seit paar Jahre kaufe ich das Bettlaken nur im Internet, beziehungsweise auf dem Amazon oder Online-Shops unterschiedlichen Geschäfte. Das ist viel günstiger und bequemer, und dazu die Qualität ist nicht schlimmer als im Geschäft vor Ort.

Belanglos – неважный, не имеющий значения, ничтожный
Показать текст спойлера

Die Prüfung, die ich vorgestern genommen habe, war belanglos – sehr einfach, aber auch keine Große Kenntnisse, die bräuchte ich nur um die fehlende punkte zu sammeln, um mein Masterstudium endlich abschließen können.
Deutsch ist nicht meine Muttersprache, ich habe sie erst ab den 5. Klasse angefangen zu lernen, die Unterrichten die ich damals an der Schule hatten waren so selten und gaben uns sobelanglos wenig Kenntnisse, dass mir zusätzliche Kursen suchen musste.

1. Nach dem Tot ihres Mannes hat sie angefangen zu stricken, am Anfang einfach um sich von den traurigen Gedanken abzulenken, dann weil es ihr viel Spaß machte, jetzt hat sie ihr Hobby zum Geschäft gebracht und verkauft gestrickten Waren.
2. Um eine Wallnusswellentorte zu machen, muss man, laut des Rezeptes eine große Handvoll Walnüsse nehmen, sie sehr fein mit dem Messer raspeln und zu dem Teig zugeben, sowie auch zu der Creme und, natürlich paar ganze Nüsse einfach auf die Torte legen, als Schmuck.
3. Ein Freund von mir hat mein Konzert diesen Freitag besucht, die Musik hat ihm, wahrscheinlich so gut gefallen, dass er wegen der Gefühle nicht mehr im Saal sitzen könnte und ist ihr davongelaufen.
4. Unser Schornstein ist voll mit Ruß, Staub und Blättern von den Bäumen, wir müssen ihn unbedingt fegen lassen, dafür rufe ich ein Schornsteinfege Service an, sie können die Arbeit in wenig als zwei Stunden erledigen.
5. Jedes Jahr zum Sylvester bekommt Annette eine Postkarte von ihren Angehörigen aus der USA, sie sehen sich sehr selten, da mehr als zehn Tausend Kilometern trennen Annette von ihrer Oma und Opa, aber die Gefühle bleiben trotzdem stark.
Отправлено: Dec 21 2019, 00:55
manifold - многообразие(и математическое и просто многообразие)
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Irene opened her book, she still a lot to study before her math exams: "Manifold is a topological space..." she began to read, but realized wery fast, that she was falling asleep and made her way to the kitchen to make some coffee.
(2) Kwert was busy fighting manifold threats to the very existence of the city of Lindenvert, he couldn't see whats happening here in Magdeberg - said Diane, it is not surprising that he is doing nothing about this.

relay - передавать, сменять, транслировать, эстафета, переключатель
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Jane was new in the relay team, she was so scared to look stupid or fail everything that she visualized all of the possible problems on the road many times, it didn't help though - everything could go wrong.
(2) Hey! - Melissa turned around and noticed Mark running towards her: We are getting out of strawberries - can you relay this to Denis - we need to get them as soon as possible to be ready with the queen's birthday cake.

(1) Erwyn pulled his bow and tried to point a rabbit - no success, rabbit heard him and ran away through the ravine and got away - Yeah, sure - thought Erwyn - Merry will be laughing at me again.
(2) Rin closed all the windows and hided in the cellar, she was scared, she hoped that if she won't see the full moon nothing will happen, but it didn't help, after some time the Rin was nowhere to be seen, horrible lycanthrope was found in the cellar instead.
(3) Linda wanted to elaborate on different stones and their effecrs in her class, but the time was running out so she focused on practical aspects of elements magic instead, 4 basic element stones should be fine at this level - she decided.
(4) Frey tried to glean the knowledge of Tirfey ravine from the rumors in the tavern, yet the only thing he could found out that no one ever returned from it, some people who searched for it failed to find it same as Frey, but they obviously could tell nothing.
(5) Miri was begging for food on the city street, few meters from her the old priest proclaimed: "By donating to the church you help God's plan and get an eternal salvation.." - great, new competitors, thought Miri.
Отправлено: Dec 21 2019, 10:43


Day eight
We are almost on the finish line!
So tell me, how do you feel? are you now more fluent in the language you learn?
How often do you use the words you have learnt on the marathon in your daily life?

Another two words and five sentences are waiting for you today!
Let us do it!
Day восьмой
Итак, мы почти что на финишной прямой!
Как ваши ощущения? Вы теперь более свободно разговариваете на языке, который изучаете?
Как часто вы используете слова, которые вы выучили на марафоне, в повседневной жизни?

Ещё два слова и пять предложений ждут вас сегодня!
Вперёд и с песней!

Отправлено: Dec 21 2019, 17:33
sheer - отвесный, абсолютно, полностью
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Ren looked down and decided that the cliff is too steep and the wall under the cliff is too sheer to climb down, he must find another way, but how, it was already to duck to recognize anything.
(2) Kitten looked around, but saw nothing, he looked around the corner to find out what's there and found strange construct made out of boxes of different sizes, it would be sheer fun to climb inside - decided the kitten.

hoof - копыто
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Ben was a typical centaurus, he had four legs with strong brown hooves and human face with long brown hair - he was an outcast though, cause he didn't share thoughts of his tribe.
(2) The cow ran happily through the hillocks on its hooves, the day was sunny and peaceful, dew drops glimmered on the green grass leafs and the sun shined happily.

(1) Old brown lycanthrope howled on the moon, it looked around and ran to the nearby forest to haunt, he didn't find anything so he procceeded to the nearby village, opened the door - horrified villages closed their eyes and prepared to die, but when they opened it on the floor in front of scared villagers was lying a little scared blond girl.
(2) Mindy never dreamed of participating in a relay, she was always to weak and her classmates were laughing at her and bullying her, but that was before she met Andy, he helped her to overcome all of this and now she was preparing for her first try in the big sport.
(3) Melinda tried to glean the information on fairies, but all she could found were old fairy tails which didn't lead her anywhere - she did know that her gold medalion was valid, but how to find its real provenance?
(4) Messy tried his best to run away, but few meters from the salvation few goblins approached from their hiding, smiling angrily, Messy turned around and try to avoid them, but he wasn't fast enough.
(5) Mirian wanted to elaborate on the problems they have in the structure of the building, she didn't like Mike trying to hide things under ther carpet, she didn't want it to crash because of it.
Отправлено: Dec 21 2019, 18:54
Die Nadel – игла
Показать текст спойлера

Simone ist heute zum ersten Mal zur Blutspende gegangen, sie war ein bisschen nervös, aber ihr Verlangen etwas Gutes für das Gesellschaft tun war stärker als alle Ängste die sie im Moment hatte. Die Nadel, die die Krankenschwester benutzt hat, war dick und groß, aber Simone hat die Blutspende überstanden.
Wo ist denn meine Nadel? – fragte Inga und öffnete paar Schubladen ihres Schreibtisches. – Nur vor paar Sekunden lag sie genau vor mir, jetzt ist aber die Nadel weg! Vielleicht ist sie unter den Tisch gerollt?

Das Griffbrett/ das Hals – гриф у гитары
Показать текст спойлера

Ich habe ein Musikinstrument zu Hause – das ist Ukulele, der hat vier Seiten und ein Griffbrett mit 16 Bunde, die Ukulele klingt etwas anderes als Gitarre, weil die vierte Seite oktaviert ist, das gibt das Instrument einen exotischen Klang.
Irgendwann werde ich auch selbständig Gitarre basteln können, das schwierigste, finde ich, das Griffbrett vorzubereiten, und Seiten in der richtigen Position drauf zu platzieren, die Übung macht Meister.

1. Martin hat in seiner Klausur ein Fehler gemacht, er dachte sie ist belanglos und kann nicht wirklich seine Note beeinflussen, doch war die Fehler schon wichtig, vor allem, weil wegen ihr waren allen seinen Kalkulationen falsch, und die Antwort war auch nicht richtig.
2. Oliver arbeitet in einem chinesischen Restaurant, dadurch er keine Ausbildung zum Koch absolviert hat, und macht gerade nur seine ersten Prüfungen, darf er nicht vieles in der Küche machen, deswegen wascht er normalerweise Gemüse, und raspelt sie.
3. Helgard und Simon sind noch auf der Piste geblieben, aber da kommt eine große Lawine, sie müssen schnell der Lawine davonlaufen, sonst wird sie die jungen Skiläufer in sehr kurze Zeit verzehren, und wer weiß ob das Rettungsdienst si noch lebendig findet.
4. Der Weihnachtsmann stand auf dem Dach vor einem höhen Schornstein. „Na sagen Sie mir bitte, wie soll ich jetzt denn draufklettern? Ich brauche mindestens einen Leiter! Ich bin nicht mehr so jung und beweglich, um auf den Schornsteinen zu springen.
5. Für das Skifahren brauche ich neue Fäustlinge, leider meine Handschuhe sind schon alt, und nicht mehr Wasserdicht, vor allem es ist mir oft kalt, wenn ich sie trage, und das ist sehr unangenehm.
Отправлено: Dec 22 2019, 20:45


Day nine
Girls, I apologise for the delay of nineth day.
It is now oficially started and you have 24 hours to do the usual task.

Another two words and five sentences are waiting for you today!
Let us do it!
Day девятый
Девочки, прошу прощения за задержку девятого дня.
Теперь он официально начался, и у вас есть 24 часа, чтобы выполнить наше задание.

Ещё два слова и пять предложений ждут вас сегодня!
Вперёд и с песней!

Отправлено: Dec 23 2019, 16:59
ample - обильный
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Miko was standing in the doorway, his ample hand was pointing to the exit, "pay or leave immediately" - he implied - Harry rolled away the pillowed and searched for some coins to pay.
(2) Lara yawned, rolling to the another side of her ample bed, she really didn't want to stand up today at all, in fact she would prefer not to stand up for a week, or for a month..

raving - бред, ослепительный
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Let's assume this theory is valid, then.. - Alice thought that she sounds like ravings of a madman already, but she really wanted to pass this exam and get a good mark, so she wanted to at least try.
(2) Alice was a raving beauty, all guys in a village wanted to marry her, but she wanted to fine some wealthy merchant from the city and llivr a prosperous life from now on.

(1) Linda was really believing that praying each day will get her to salvation at first, but now she started to realize that it was all brainwashing and not gonna help.
(2) Mary searched all the church's archive to glean any information on her origin, but it was absolutely futile, such people like her parents never existed in the village according to the documents.
(3) Diane heard the voices too close to her hideout, she decided to run, but she had no time for the elaborate plan where to run - she left her corner and quickly.ran towards nearby exit never looking back.
(4) Liz looked down the sheer cliff, no way she could make it down the cliff safely, she needed to find another way - she turned back and ran to the village to find the tavern to wait till morning.
(5) Rin was running for weeks already, but she couldn't find any signs of Maya, her hooves were tired and she wanted just to finish her search and get some sleep, unfortunately she had no idea where to run next.
Отправлено: Dec 23 2019, 20:50


Day ten
Hurray! This is the last day of the marathon of the new foreign words!

My dear girls, you did great job — does not matter whether five or twenty words you have learned,
you already made a step towards proficiency in languages!

Amazing. The final day is waiting for you!
And after that the best part — awarding ceremony!
Day десятый
Ура, это последний день марафона новых иностранных слов!

Мои дорогие девчонки, вы проделали прекрасную работу — не важно, пять или двадцать слов вы выучили,
вы уже сделали шаги навстречу иностранному языку!

Прекрасно. Последний день ждёт вас!
И после лучшая часть — церемония награждения!

Отправлено: Dec 24 2019, 11:51
prowess - отвага, умение
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Irene's technical prowess allowed her to recognize the broken component, but to fix it she needed to find a replacement, nearby store was closed, so she needed to find another way.
(2) Darren's skill and prowess in war brought him both fame and money, but unfortunately these weren't the only things Darren wanted from life, he also wanted a quiet life and a retirement.

detest - ненавидеть.
Показать текст спойлера

(1) Clare detested this city, big roads with a lot of cards standing in the traffic jam and signalling to each other, always annoyed angry people, always rainy and cloudy weather.
(2) Han detested politics, always lying people and being a hypocrite, not that he has other choice anyway, but sometimes he could just hang out to bar and relax apart of these things.

(1) Linda tried to glean on this elaborate construction, but it was totally unclear how this thing works, there should be some kind of manual she thought - but she couldn't find it.
(2) Kira looked out of the window, hoping there will be something to climb on, unfortunately everything she saw was a sheer wall, the little balcony was literally the only things hanging out.
(3) Melissa was sitting quietly and observing the hooves of a cow, it was clearly getting better, Melisa stood up and returned to the building, she had some time for feed her cat and then she needed to continue her work.
(4) Iris could tell her story, but she knew it won't help, everyone will assume those are just ravings of the guilty + she definitely needed to come up with another plan.
(5) Bars tried to fit his ample body into the box, unfortunately his attempts were not successful at all, also that disgusting human laughed at him at best or made a video of him at worst.
Отправлено: Dec 26 2019, 14:55


Dear participants!
Our marathon of foreign words is now over.

I thank you all for the participation.
The award ceremony will follow in the next week. :crazy_jump:

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!

Отправлено: Dec 30 2019, 19:35


Dear participants!

The marathon of new foreign words is now officially over.
I thank you all for your participation, dedication and courage. For it might be easy to jump with the parachute,
but it is harder to stand up to the laziness, time lack and difficulties in learning.
I hope you all enjoyed the marathon and had an opportunity to practice new words even if you did not post here.
Let’s go to the best part – awarding ceremony.

Leader of our marathon is Кларисса Фран her dedication and everyday posting
brought her 115 points and it means that
she can pick one of the best prizes of our marathon. Let’s recap the words Кларисса Фран learnt:

Which sums up to 20 new words in 10 days! Congratulations, well done!

freefly follows next with 31 point on her account,
she got a perfect pace at the beginning of the marathons and learnt 6 new words,
thus enhancing her knowledge of English. Check the words out, freefly, good job.
drawer waggish meditative
brass sullen fanciful

Хана almost hand in hand with the previous participant reaches the end of the marathon with 30 points.
Nice pace, half of the marathon done. This participant learnt 8 new words , you can see them below:
Guinea feverishly stratified acquire
ragged seduce piercing grove

Girls, a Lantern Jackuser posted image is given to you as a prize for the marathon. Let it light brightly and securely your way in the jungles of foreign languages.


Кларисса Фран ты можешь выбрать приз из user posted image *Yellow Label ИЛИ user posted image *Мятная помадка в форме лягушки. Напиши о желаемом призе в этой теме. Также, если хочешь, можешь вместо приза за первую планку, взять любой другой приз за одну из других планок.

Добавлено через 7 минут


Также, дорогие участницы, я бы хотела выразить вам большую благодарность за то, что вы приняли вызов марафона и поучаствовали в моём пилотном конкурсе в этом разделе. Да, местами было сложно, и мне тоже, поэтому я буду рада вашим отзывам, замечаниям, предложениям. Вот пара вопросов, вокруг которых вы можете строить свой отклик.

1. Длительность марафона — 10 дней это много, мало, или в самый раз?
2. Что понравилось в марафоне?
3. Помогала ли вам рассылка-напоминания, или же была она лишней?
4. Давали ли вам дополнительную мотивацию призы?

Отправлено: Dec 30 2019, 19:48
Yellow label
1) Имхо в самый раз, как раз ещё не успело надоесть
2) Я вообще сознательно занималась английским в первый раз за последние 10 лет, так что я вообще в восторге от идеи
3) два раза в день мне кажется перебор, а стартовое письмо было полезным
4) Не особо, я новенькая, не очень понимаю что они делают.
Отправлено: Dec 30 2019, 19:51
Цитата (Supreme @ Dec 30 2019, 19:35)
1. Длительность марафона — 10 дней это много, мало, или в самый раз?

Маловато, недели 2 было бы комфортнее.
Цитата (Supreme @ Dec 30 2019, 19:35)
2. Что понравилось в марафоне

А что не понравилось?)
Понравились в целом не сложные задания, причем вариативные, но при этом немного образовательные:)
Не понравилась нужная длина сообщений! Это ненормально огромное количество символов! 100 символов было бы отлично, и стимулировало бы к написанию доп. предложений со словами предыдущих дней!
Я честно, забила на доп. предложения как-раз из-за количества символов.
Мне кажется, для нового слова 160 еще можно обосновать, но для повторения нужно меньше.
Цитата (Supreme @ Dec 30 2019, 19:35)
3. Помогала ли вам рассылка-напоминания, или же была она лишней?

Очень помогала. Наверняка это была головная боль для тебя, но это отличная работа - видно, что ты заботишься о конкурсе. Побольше бы модераторов так делали.
Да, один раз в день тоже нормально было бы, но второе письмо не мешало. Главное - чтобы хотя бы раз в сутки.
Цитата (Supreme @ Dec 30 2019, 19:35)
4. Давали ли вам дополнительную мотивацию призы?

Мне - нет.
Отправлено: Dec 30 2019, 20:57
Цитата (Хана @ Dec 30 2019, 19:51)
А что не понравилось?)

я думала, вы это и так напишете. :)))
Цитата (Хана @ Dec 30 2019, 19:51)
100 символов было бы отлично

Мне тоже сначала было сложно с 160 символами, но потом фантазия разгулялась. Если буду проводить ещё раз марафон — учту пожелания.
Цитата (Кларисса Фран @ Dec 30 2019, 19:48)
Не особо, я новенькая, не очень понимаю что они делают.

их можно использовать, продать — заработать галлеоны (например Лейбл за 50000 я бы продавала или в том направлении). Можно хранить в коллекции.
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