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Idiom Game

Отправлено: Feb 16 2017, 15:47
The rules of this game/activity are pretty simple: Person 1 provides an idiom, then, Person 2 comes up with a sentence using the idiom and gives the next idiom.

Strike a chord

Her speech struck a sympathetic chord among business leaders.

It takes two to tango

and so on.

Let's get this party started! =sunny=

Barking up the wrong tree
Отправлено: Feb 16 2017, 16:37
Great idea!

So... Jason and Ariel were both upset about the mess that was left after their party yesterday, as the house was practically destroyed. They, however, knew very well that they are both responsible parties and they will BOTH have to explain themselves to their parents, as it takes two to tango.

Next: the last straw.
Отправлено: Feb 16 2017, 20:56
Yay, the game is on :D

Imagine, the guy on the train was manspreading and constantly bothering me with his stupid questions. Don't even get me started on his foul breath ffs! But him hitting on me was the last straw!

straight from the horse's mouth
Отправлено: Feb 18 2017, 19:49
I didn't want to believe that Jane was cheating on me, but considering who told me this, I have to admit that it was straight from the horse's mouth. Therefore, it was time to break up with the unfaithful girl.

Taking a step back.
Отправлено: Feb 22 2017, 18:05
When you feel overwhelmed by emotion, you need to take a step back and consider everything rationally.

Out of the blue
Отправлено: Feb 22 2017, 22:56
I was making breakfast in the kitchen when out of the blue a huge rose bouquet appeared from nowhere.

Not my cup of tea.
Отправлено: Mar 17 2017, 05:48
When I graduated from the university I wanted to be a journalist, but then realized that it was not my cup of tea.

to pull one's leg
Отправлено: Mar 20 2017, 19:18
I like to spend time with my friends, but Anna is the one who always pulls my leg and makes me really upset.

Add insult to injury.
Отправлено: Nov 26 2017, 13:54
She broke up with him on the Sunday morning. Her confession that she has been inlove with another guy for almost a year, only added insult to the ingury.

(doesn't) float someone's boat
Отправлено: Nov 27 2017, 17:54
The Game of Thrones seems to be really hot right now but, to tell the truth, it doesn't float my boat at all.

to kill two birds with one stone
Отправлено: Jan 6 2018, 01:53
I wanted to do something nice and meaningful during my lunch, but I was famished! So I went to a cafe and got some food in order to battle with my hunger. I saw a homeless man and bought him lunch - killed two birds with one stone after all.

By the end of the day.
Отправлено: Jan 18 2018, 19:30
Michael was working hard for the last few hours — by the end of the working day he had to submit last calculations to the NASA computation center.

at the end of the day %)
Отправлено: Jan 19 2018, 13:56
At the end of the day all we have is a wrecked soul.

A storm in a teacup.
Отправлено: Jan 20 2018, 09:04
Martina was swearing loudly and blaming a transport company for a train delay, but that was a storm in a teacup — she could have easily taken another train and reach her destination on time.

be no picnic
Отправлено: Jan 25 2018, 00:20
I had to volunteer at a community centre for elderly people, and trust me, it was no picnic.

Jibber jabber.
Отправлено: Jan 27 2018, 16:45
I have a TOEFL exam soon, therefore I should practice speaking clearly and with the correct pronunciation, not to jibber-jabber like I always do.

to be square with someone
Отправлено: Feb 2 2018, 01:02
My friend's boyfriend dumped her, so she sliced his tires. Now they are square. =lolbuagaga= Please don't do that, girls.

Being on top of something.
Отправлено: Feb 11 2018, 12:46
Being on top of IT community is a tough row to hoe — it is evolving rapidly in many directions and is already extremely diverse. You have to make an effort to catch up on it.

to egg someone on
Отправлено: Feb 19 2018, 03:21
Whoa, I haven't heard that one before!

Roger has been egging me on to try the ax throwing, but I'm still to afraid I'd hurt someone in the process.

To lead someone on.
Отправлено: Mar 30 2018, 20:14
I have seen a movie recently where a girl led one lawyer on because she wanted to sneak into his flat and still case papers.

to take/make an oath
Отправлено: Apr 5 2018, 19:41
Upon becoming a citizen of a new country, one is required to take an oath citizenship.

To walk away (from something).
Отправлено: Jul 23 2018, 16:39
If you feel like you have been trapped in a toxic relationship, you need to walk away from it.

to have a dog in the fight
Отправлено: Aug 1 2018, 15:20
I enjoy reading political news about Asian countries and what's going on in that part of the world; yet, I don't have a dog in that fight.

To brush off.
Отправлено: Sep 5 2018, 15:54
If you want to be a part of the team don't brush other people' suggestions off.

To pin a rose on one's nose
Отправлено: Sep 24 2018, 01:20
I talk soooo much sometimes, people sometimes tell me to pin the rose on my nose.

To get lost.
Отправлено: Jan 12 2019, 20:01
I got lost in a mirror maze at the fun park.

have bitten off more than you can chew
Отправлено: Jun 26 2019, 17:13
too hard to make a phrase with? :hystericss:
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