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Pina Colada Boy
Отправлено: Feb 7 2010, 09:46

.:узри справедливости торт:.
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As a test and as an experiment I’ve decided to make something learnable. You do actually have fun with those text fun, but most of you who don’t know English stand aside. That’s no good. This is a topic for those who have problems with English, who’s troubled with his homework or needs to write a topic.
Those who are a knowitall will help you with your trouble.
The thingye is you ask a question or you answer it. You can speak either Russian or English because this topic is for you to help and to be helped.

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Questions you ask:
I need a topic (theme)
I don’t understand the grammar (sentence)
I need some material (topic)
I need help with my homework (example)
How do I translate this (sentence)
I don’t understand the idea (text, book)

Отправлено: Feb 17 2017, 14:38

жест Шрёдингера
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Great idea! I'd be happy to help :D
Отправлено: Feb 18 2017, 19:59

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Erinny, I'd be happy to help too, but it's been a while since someone actually asked for assistance here. :nya_harp:
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